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TR Patmore’s Playwright Debut with Colors of Community


I’ve been holding onto this news for almost a year. For the first time anywhere I, T.R. Patmore, will debut a ten minute excerpt of my play, Sisters Fight,  at the third series of Colors of Community on November 11, 2016 at the Harlem School of Arts!

Colors of Community is a socially conscious non-profit, sponsored, organization that “produces events which feature short plays that consider diverse viewpoints on current issues and their impact within communities.” Previous events include themes of Civil Rights, Classism, Education, Gender equality, and The Residue of Imperialism, and the intensifying climate of distrust between law enforcement and community. Each event includes a post-performance open discussion led by a panel of representatives for each panel. The November 11th series of Colors of the Community will discuss women’s issues, female empowerment, the role women play, and are struggling to play within our society. The featured plays were all written by women, and will be directed by women! They include: Jazelle the Gazelle, by Dominque Morisseau;  The Orphan Classifieds, by Ninan Tan; and Sisters Fight, by yours truly, T.R. Patmore! Doors open at 7:00 PM. Seating is limited. Tickets : $15 Follow Colors of the Community on Facebook, or Twitter @ColorsofUnity for more information, or my Facebook page @TRPatmore for updates and news.

I’m super humbled by the response Sisters Fight has already received. That I will get to witness the transformation of the words I put on paper into a real life production is beyond thrilling. To think, in a few weeks I’ll get to meet the characters I dreamed up leaves me marveling. That I get to do this in a forum that so precisely speaks to my very mission as a writer–women’s empowerment and diversity–feels like the universe is hugging me.

Is this my life?

More details to come, so stay tuned!

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