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Plopping Curls

What is your favorite physical feature? Do you love your eyes? Do you have killer legs? Do you love the way your hips don’t lie?

For me it’s my amazing curly hair. Curly hair is a gift. It’s a statement. You never look at a curly girl and think, “She’s a pushover.” Curls are the only accessory I need. Curls can change an outfit from so-so to you go!

It’s dieta taken me the better part of my life, and a husband who loves a curly girl, to find an appreciation for my rambunctious ringlets. I didn’t even know that I had curly hair until I was in the third grade when my parents finally relented and let me chop my locks to the shoulder. My classmates were so surprised when I showed up coiffed in coils that they accused me of getting a perm. Over the years, my hair and I have had a serious love/hate relationship. I’ve been through every shade of the hair rainbow, plus some color wheel colors too. I spent a few years spinning my spirals into straw with a flatiron, and have had every specialized hair cutting technique a curly girl can find.

Curly hair requires a whole lot of trial and error. There’s thousands of dollars in curly products out in the world, and I’ve tried most of them. In the last year I’ve found a routine that works for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not always looking for new tips and tricks, especially when it comes to drying.

See, for wholesale MLB jerseys curly girls there are two options: air dry or diffuse.

Air drying is my go-to method. It’s easy, and fast. It does come with its own risks. It is completely dependent on good weather. A humid day will bring the frizz. A cold day will not only draw stares, but will freeze your locks, which, of course leads to frizz. There’s also the tell-tale wet spot on the back of your shirt, along with all the strangers who want to share superstitions about wet hair getting you sick.

Diffusing is not something I do. I’ve tried it. I have the cup diffuser, which lifts your curls while drying, and the Deva Diffuser, which is shaped like a hand to allow you to lift the curls, as well as drying the roots. The problem is that the curls tend to be wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys flatter, less defined, and either frizzy (too little product) or crunchy (too much product)–I’ve never found that happy medium. It also takes too long, requires an appliance it (blow dryer plus diffuser), is loud, and involves heat on your hair. I know that a diffuser month is supposed to reduce the damage, but heat is a curl’s worst enemy.

On a recent Pinterest session I discovered the most ridiculous sounding method of drying curly hair–plopping. After some Googling I discovered that there was a whole community of curly plopping girls. Wavy girls use this method to get curlier hair. The only thing I didn’t find was a good picture of someone with curls like mine post-plop.

So I decided to give it a try.

All you need is a t-shirt, preferably long sleeved.


  1. Plopping takes place after you’ve showered. De-tangle your hair, and náhradních add whatever product you use.

  2. I’m a big fan of Curlfriends wholesale jerseys Replenish Leave-In Conditioner, and Control Gel. I always rake product through my hair in sections, making sure to pull straight up to release it from my scalp, and define the curls.

  3. Spread your t-shirt on a flat surface and tip your head upside down.

  4.  Lower your hair into the center of the shirt. The Compliance trick is to pile your hair in the center of the t-shirt, so the curls will stack themselves, instead of hanging off your head.

  5. Pull the back of the shirt to your neck, just above the hairline.

  6. Roll the front to your forehead.

  7. Twist the sides until they are tight against either side of your head, pull around and secure to your head. This is where a long sleeved shirt is a better choice. I actually turned an Out old t-shirt inside out, and cut along the front of it so it was one big sheet of fabric with arms.

As you can see, there's been no Botox in my ilfe...but the plop is in full effect--tag out and everything.

As you can see, there’s been no Botox in my ilfe…but the plop is in full effect–tag out and everything.

Wait. There’s a lot of discrepancy in the plopping community in regards to how long you should plop. Some ploppers only plop for twenty minutes. Others plop overnight. Some say you should plop until your hair is 90% dry.  I plopped in the morning–around 11AM, and waited until 3:30 PM to un-plop–which left my hair about 90% dry. The fun part is answering a door with a rolled up t-shirt on your head.

  1. To un-plop, bend over and release the t-shirt.

  2. Let your hair air dry the rest of the way. DO NOT TOUCH IT!

  3. Marvel at the results.


This is just after I un-plopped. The hair is still about 10% wet. Not the greatest curl definition, but not bad.

Wow! Plopping really works. My hair curled entirely to the roots. I ended up with soft (not crunchy) spirals. At first they weren’t as well defined as good air dry day, but definitely better than a diffuser. However, after my hair had completely dried….


Hair curled to the roots. Fantastic curl definition. Soft. I think I’ve been converted.

I achieved total curl perfection.

The only problem is how long this method takes. I mean, who has the time to walk around looking like a genie all day? So, I decided to plop overnight, and see if I could get the same results. Follow me on Facebook to see the results of my overnight plopping.

Do you plop? Do you have some tips or tricks to tame cheap jerseys your curls?

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