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My NaNoWriMo Update– a vent session


Normally you’re supposed to start a new project for NaNoWriMo, but I’m veering from the rules this year. Instead, I’m using the motivation, idea: and community of NaNo Le to help motivate me to finish my novel. cheap nba jerseys I’m not sticking to any particular word count (usually it’s 1667 words per day), nor am I paying any attention to those people who seem to have won on the first day.

Last week I reached the 25% milestone I’d set for myself. This week New I’m focusing on getting the middle half plotted and written. It’s really hard.

Learning how to write a novel, while writing a novel isn’t an easy thing. I’ve made my career writing articles, blogs, and reviews which max out around a thousand words. wholesale jerseys I’m literally multiplying it by 50. Novel writing is truly the marathon of writing. More like a triathalon.

Most days I battle myself the way a runner battles his body. My willpower and motivation have to be overcome and focused. Trying to force my creativity into action is a feat in and of itself. graduée Each move towards the finish is simultaneously thrilling, and terrifying. I imagine a mountain wholesale nfl jerseys climber must feel the same way as she reaches the peak, knowing that when she reaches the apex she will stand victoriously close to the heavens. There’s also that underlying dread of the climb back down. it For a writer that’s the knowledge that writing it is only the beginning. Editing. Finding an agent, an editor, a publisher, and then holding your breath for reviews and sales. It’s all so daunting down here only 25% through a first draft.

I keep myself going by reminding myself Plopping that I don’t have a novel. That until I write it, all I have is a collection of words that have gone nowhere. My family helps. Each of them playing their own role in pushing me forward. My husband helps me work out kinks, and create new and interesting objects in the universe of the story. My son lets me read him my chapters, and encourages me to keep going because he just wants to “know what happens next.”

Today the weather sucked, but I pushed through it. Got things done. Words on record. I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going for the week. I’m hoping to keep it moving. Certificates Keep it growing.

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