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Getting ready to say sayonara to summer

I spent so much time waiting to grow up, and now that I’m here I wonder when I’m ever going to be offered naptime again. I’d started off this summer with a head full of ideas on how to keep the kids occupied with learning while giving myself time to write. It worked really well for a few weeks, but, just like going to gym, once the routine slips its hard to get back into it. The honest truth is that I found myself, after a month, too overwhelmed to do much of anything. The laundry, the heat, the allergy induced migraines,  and the constant affection required by my darlings helped me understand why parents put their kids in camp. It’s not just about space, but there’s a lot of guilt involved in being creatively paralyzed. Where does one go to escape the heat and crowds without spending?

Oh, the writing? Yeah, that hasn’t gone so well either.

That’s okay.

Life is about learning. I spent the summer learning about spending the summer with my kids. It hasn’t been horrible. It’s been a bit boring, and frustrating, but summer is kind of about lazing about, recharging batteries, and decompressing from the school year while preparing for the incredibly busy academic year looming in the weeks to come.

I’m reminded of something a nurse once told me in the hospital, “This is research.” It’s all research isn’t it? While my protagonist and her pals are busy taking their own vacations leaving me feeling blocked, I’ve been learning about what kids do when they’re bored, and the television isn’t there to rescue them. I’ve watched them become surgeons, and wizards. There was a coronation every day. Imagination transformed my house into an arena for dragon battles, and a ninja training school. My son read more than I’ve ever known him to read. The Little carried a notebook around, because she decided to be a writer ::swoon::.

There’s still a few more weeks left of vacation, which will be spent in various stages of trips, but I’m glad we took this time to breathe. Even though things didn’t happen the way I’d planned, and there were far more days spent inside than out, in the end I did get what I wanted all along. We’re closer now. We know each other better. The kids are bonded, and have spent long hours learning how to play together. We are more than family now. We’re friends.

I’m not sad to see summer go. I’m ready for the crisp Fall air and pumpkin spice everything. I’m ready for brand new pencils, and fresh paper. I think the kids are ready too. Well…maybe not just yet.

I’ll be ready in three weeks.

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