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Donate Girl Scout Cookies For Our Troops

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season again! It’s one of my favorite times of year. Maybe it’s that these are seasonally exclusive items. Or it could be the desert month of drought suffered when Girl Scout cookie supplies have been depleted long ago, and selling season still looms hazy in the distance. Worse yet, the years when no Girl Scout came knocking, and none existed in your circles. The only hope was to stumble upon a booth sale, and hope they still had your favorites.  Whatever the cause, Girl Scout Cookie selling season fills me with a sense of jubilee mixed with panic. The panic is usually caused by not giving someone access to my inside track to cookies–My Little Girl Scout!

If you’d like to place an order contact me through the usual methods (text, phone, email),  or, if you’d like to have them direct shipped to you use this link:

PLEASE NOTE: Using the online ordering offers the opportunity to donate boxes, but you will still be charged a shipping fee. To avoid this, you can simply order from me by commenting below with your email address, or simply using Venmo

Cookies are $4/box — Please send the appropriate amount, and include the message “COOKIES FOR THE TROOPS”.

Read on to learn more about the cookies we collected for the Troops Last Year.

Last year, my very patriotic daughter, surprised me by asking if our soldiers fighting in other countries had Girl Scouts. Her reaction when I explained that they didn’t was inspiring. “Well, we’re going to have to get them some.” It was very matter of fact, even for a five year old. She was right, and I was right behind her. We opened the offer to the other girls in our troop, to mail out any boxes donated to the soldiers.

It was incredible. Altogether the friends and family of our Daisy Girl Scout Troop 889 donated 68 boxes of cookies to our men and women overseas.

We got them into USPS Flat rate boxes...10 of them..which were also stuffed with pictures, and other goodies.

We got them into USPS Flat rate boxes…10 of them..which were also stuffed with pictures, and other goodies.

The hard part, actually, was finding someone to send the cookies to. We didn’t have anyone overseas, and no one we knew did either. After a few weeks of having USPS boxes filled with cookies stacked in our living room, we stumbled across a site, which connects active duty soldiers on deployment, with people who want to support them.

We were connected with an incredible active duty soldier; a military handler in the US NAVY. I don’t want to share her name without her permission, but we’ll just call her Nicole. Nicole wasn’t allowed to give us any specifics, but she did say she was deployed “near the Afghanistan/Iraq” area, and was partnered with a German Shepard named Qba (sounds like Cuba).

This is Qba. He's a German Shepart, and trained military handler for the US Navy, deployed in the Afghanistan/Iraq area.

This is Qba. He’s a German Shepart, and trained military handler for the US Navy, deployed in the Afghanistan/Iraq area.

It took some time to iron out the kinks, but after she successfully received our test package, she emailed her thanks. She told us”

“receiving any mail is what we look forward to the most and that goes for everyone deployed here. The poor mail people probably feel swarmed because we all ask everyday if we have anything. It’s like Christmas for us and cheers us up so much, but yes, we are safe and still doing well!”

At our next meeting all the girls in the Daisy Troop wrote letters to our adopted soldiers. We packed one in every box, and sent a special box to Nicole herself. Grace and I couldn’t help ourselves, so we stuffed the boxes full of other necessities too. Shampoo, toothbrushes, and even treats for Qba!

Once we’d gotten all the boxes, addressed, sealed, and into the car–We finally sent them out.

“I have received your packages and they are amazing! I love the pictures that Grace drew! I’m going to hang them on the wall in my room!!!!! I was also able to share the cookies with a number of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and we are all extremely thankful!”

Here are some pictures she sent us as the boxes were unpacked, and the pictures were hung behind Qba.

We’d love to send an extra special thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Bringing joy to our soldiers is a really important way to boost their morale while they are making the ultimate of sacrifices for our freedom.

We’ve sent a couple more packages to Nicole and Qba over the year, but she’s become busier and busier with the fight for our freedom. We can’t wait to hear about the day she gets to come back home. She and Qba are real superheroes, and it’s been an inspiring journey to even play a tiny part in putting a smile on her face.

This year our local council is joining in, and will be mailing out the donated boxes for the entire area to a different soldier. Although the first 8 boxes donated through us will get mailed out to Nicole, cause we love her.

Please consider donating boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to our troops again this year, or, for the first time.  Remember that someone is out there so you don’t have to be.

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