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Dear Writer

Dear Writer,

I see you there, hovering by the door, uncertain if this letter is for you.  If you heard your name, even if it’s only in the smallest corner of your secrets; come in, make yourself comfortable.  You are welcome here.

There, now. That’s better.  Take a load off.  You don’t have to carry all the baggage here.

I know you may not feel like it right now, but I want to tell you something very important, and I need you to pay very close attention. Are you ready?

I believe in you.

You are divine.

You are worthy.

If there is something inside you. A story. A script. A poem. A novel. Please share it. I so want to read it. If it is your soul on a page– it is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I know this journey is hard. I know it is confusing. I know that you battle your self-doubt and the doubt of those around you. It isn’t easy when the people you love the most dismiss your goals as pipe dreams, delusions, fantasies. It isn’t easy getting rejection after rejection. It isn’t easy when you’re curled on the bathroom floor wondering who you would be without your pen. I know.

Don’t give up.

If you have to come back here, every time you doubt yourself, so you can be reminded of how amazing you are–do that. If you have to stand in the mirror and repeat “I am divine. I am worthy. I am a writer.”–do that. If you have to cry, or yell, or scream–do that. Do whatever it takes.

But do not give up.

Because you are a creator. A world depends on you. A universe of your imagination is waiting to be shared, and I am waiting to discover it.

At the end of the day, you are the one who decides whether or not you are a writer…and I think you’ve already chosen.

So, write, dear Writer. Answer the call of your soul.

I will be waiting to discover you.


T.R. Patmore

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