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5 Gifts Under $25 your Writer Friends Will Love

One of the hardest questions I have to answer every holiday season is, “So what do you want for Christmas?” To be honest, unless someone comes up with a way to download the rest of my manuscript from my brain, there really isn’t a whole lot that I need. In case you’re feeling just as stuck as I do this time of year, or you’re looking for a budget friendly find for your writer friend, I’ve complied a lovely list of gifts for writers.

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  1. Story Teas:

  1. Writing Resources: One can never have too many resources to help develop their writing. My personal favorites are the Descriptive Thesauruses. I own all three, and keep them close at hand while plotting, writing, or sometimes I just like to flip through. They are invaluable

  1. COFFEE!!!: Writing and coffee go together like words and letters, and there is nothing more precious than the energy giving mana that comes from one of God’s greatest gifts to writer-kind–the coffee bean. For reals. Whoever  it was that came up with the idea to grind these guys up and add water is my hero. A five or ten dollar gift card to Dunkin, or Starbucks is a real treat, and if you want to splurge you can find Jamaican Blue Mountain (usually about $50/lb..but worth it!) coffee and be your writer friend’s biggest hero of all.

  2. The Map of Literature:


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