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Taína is a proud Higuayagua Taíno writer on a mission to reclaim her indigenous Taíno culture, and write her people into back into existence with the same tools colonizers used to erase them.

Her recent achievements include: Sisters Fight, a play written for the all female production of Colors of Community, at the Harlem School of the Arts, November 2015; and “Killing Ty” a short story published in the Yellow Arrow Journal, winter 2020 vol V no 1: Resilience.

Taína is a compulsive crafter, who channels her obsession with vintage typewriters, books, and fairies into creating delightful cards and gifts in her Etsy Shop: TheBibliofairy.com

Find Taína on instagram @tainaconcurls for pics and curly girl secrets.



"Killing Ty"
Yellow Arrow Journal
Winter 2020 Vol V No 1


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