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Taina is a loud mouthed, curly haired, Latina writer based in Baltimore, MD. An avid book lover since childhood, it is no surprise that Taina is a vibrant storyteller with an immersive and cinematic writing style.

Taina writes creative non-fiction essays and short stories; plays with strong Feminist themes; and is currently penning the first novel in a Science Fiction trilogy about Fairies.

Taina is a compulsive crafter, who channels her obsession with vintage typewriters, books, and fairies into creating delightful cards and gifts in her Etsy Shop: TheBibliofairy.com

Taina Writes a Blog about all of her hobbies and obsessions, including Tarot card reading, and liberating girls from their flatirons. Find Taina on instagram @tainaconcurls for pics and curly girl secrets.



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